About Eric Maas

Eric Maas Creative delivers curated Search Engine Optimization solutions that target our client’s unique needs, while only offering services and solutions needed to achieve our client’s goals.

We see each SEO project as a unique project never a “one size fits all” solution to SEO, our approach is holistic and considers the interrelationship between SEO, Code, and Design. Drawing from 10+ years of experience in SEO, we’ve found that SEO capitalizes on design, UI/UX, coding, and development, in addition to imagery, text, and aesthetics.This approach leads to better user experience and increased user engagement within site. Increasing user engagement reduces bounce rates, increases time spent on pages, increases the number of pages user visits, which leads to increases in page rankings on search results. Simply put, if the foundation of a website isn’t sound, then spending money on SEO will result in limited success.

Over the past ten years, we have watched this industry jump time after time onto short-term strategies and away from long-term solutions that achieve higher growth of traffic and brand recognition. Our goal is to remove the idea of sorcery, and mysticism that surrounds SEO. We create detailed solutions and clear communication around the process of SEO to improve search rank, brand exposure, and goals that lead to sales conversions.

Eric has a broad background which has fostered his multi angle approach to Search Engine Optimization. He got his start in SEO working with political organizations in 2006. He then developed real estate software for asset and property mangers, and apps for commercial real estate valuation.  Eric went on to being a founding member of Lyra Designs, and a founding member of Fuelist, a collector vehicle software platform.

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